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独り言 ・ soliloquies ・
Stageplay report :: A thousand dreams to dream with you 
12th-May-2010 03:47 pm
I tried to write report on the story of Aiba-chan's stageplay, Kimi to Miru Sen no Yume (A thousand dreams to dream with you).

As usual, please note that I may forgot a lot of details and may have lots of mistakes. I also do a lot of grammar mistakes in my writing. But please spare me, as I only try to give some details to those who interested in the development of the story, and I'm just a human who doesn't have perfect memory.

The stageplay was held at Tokyo Globe-za (the same place as Nino's "Strangers on a Train"). The stage was completely different. This time, there are no revolving stage for exchanging background. Everything were done by the staff by manually bringing in the necessary furniture and bringing them out again after the scene is done.

This is a picture of the stage. The door looks like a hospital door. The stairs at the upper part also will become an important set.

Haruya (Aiba-chan)
Micchan (Haruya's girlfriend)
Haruya's dad
Hana-chan (Haruya's little sister)
Ryuutaro (Haruya and Hana's friend)
Daisuke (Haruya and Hana's friend, also one of the nurse)
Doctor (male)
Nurse (female)


The hall became completely dark. There's a looooooong sequence of loud sounds of traffic, loud brake, car accident, glasses breaking, ended with the sound of ambulance...

An ICU bed is brought in a haste to the stage by 2 nurses and a doctor. The stage now seems like an emergency room of a hospital. Someone is lying on it, with a lot of bandage on his head. There's electro-cardiogram monitor, etc. The body is covered with white sheet, but the feet stuck out and it seems that there are some dry blood on them.

Suddenly Haruya came storming to the room.
He kept running here and there, saying "Ah, I'm sorry! I'm sorry!". To the busy doctor, he also said "I'm sorry". To the busy male nurse (Daisuke), he also said, "Ah, Dai-chan! I'm counting on you!". It seems that he knows the doctor and the 2 nurses. He kept apologizing, and he even hide himself in one corner of the stage, saying "Ah, I did a terrible thing. I think I'll be angried at." But no one paid attention to him.

Then a girl whose hair is tied up (Hana), and a guy whose hair is long and permed (Ryuutaro), came storming to the room as well. They sounded really worried about the condition of the patient.

Then time stopped (everyone other than Haruya got frozen in their place). Haruya looked at the body on the bed. His hands are exactly like his. His feet are exactly like his. And his face as well.

"Don't you say.... that it's me".

Then it became an out-of-body experience kind of thing. The spirit (or whatever. Even Haruya doesn't know who he is. A spirit, a ghost, or what?) of Haruya stood at the upper part of the stage, which is separated from the main stage. There were some monologue, illustrating how confused he is.

Then there was nobody in the hospital room, just the bed with the patient.

A girl came inside the room. It's Micchan. "Why did it turn out like this?". Haruya said "I'm sorry, I make you worried. But I just don't remember anything!". She also seems to not able to see the existence of Haruya's spirit. "Remember the day we first met? The summer festival? There are still a lot that we want to talk about, a lot that we want to do."

Then Haruya said (while Micchan slowly and unknowingly left the room): Micchan, you are a wonderful person. But on the day we first met, I thought you were an idiot. It was at my family's clog shop, wasn't it?

Then there were some illustration of him replaying his memories. It's like rewinding back the time, and one after another flashbacks are replayed. Usually it becomes dark everytime a flashback is going to start.

So the first flashback featured a setting of a clog shop. There were Daisuke, Ryuutaro, and Hana-chan playing around. Sorry, I forget how's the order of the scene here :-s I just tell you what we should know. At the hospital scene we knew that there were 2 nurses, one is female and one is male. The male one is Daisuke, who is Haruya's friend. The doctor is the hospital's director. He is not a relative but he seemed to be close to Haruya's family. The 2 people visiting Haruya is a girl and a guy. The girl is Hana-chan, who is Haruya's little sister. The guy is Ryuutaro, who is their friend, and is very amusing. Ryuutaro, Daisuke, Hana and Haruya seemed very close, and they fooled around happily. It seems that Haruya's and Hana's mother died some time ago. They live with their father, who owns a clog shop. He makes geta (Japanese wooden clogs). His personality is rather difficult, like... a bit of a stubborn father who is difficult to get close to.

So at the stage, the father was working on the clogs. Haruya came bringing a pair of clogs (I think he made them), but the father won't even look at it for unknown reason. So he just started to work again by self-taught or something.

When the father and everyone else weren't at the shop, a girl suddenly visit the shop. It was Micchan. She is a care worker for the elderly. She is always extremely cheerful, but probably a bit airy-headed or something. It seems that she wanted to search a kind of geta. However, it seems that she didn't even know which one is geta. So in the shop there are a display of several pairs of wooden clogs / flip-flops. She took one pair, saying "Oh, what a wonderful pair of geta~ <3". But Haruya said, it's Zori. An exchange of bitter smile. She took another pair, saying "Oh, what a wonderful pair of geta~ <3", but Haruya said it was another kind again. Another exchange of bitter smile. Then she hesitantly pointed another pair and looked at Haruya asking for confirmation. Haruya nodded sheepishly. She took it and said "Oh, what a wonderful pair of Zori~ <3"... xDDD Haruya asked whether she is searching a geta for a present. She said yes, it seems that one of the granpa in the careplace where she is working in asked for a pair. Then she pulled out a book from her bag. The book is full of colorful sticked memo / post-it memo (there are soooo many of them). She kept taking one, reading it, but it turns out to be another memo (not the geta memo), then sticked it back. Flipped some page, "ah, it's this one!", but she's mistaken it again. Over and over again. She seemed to take note of everything and stick the memo in that book. Everything. When she tried to give Haruya her name card, she also took the wrong one like 2 or 3 times.

Then she seemed to take interest to the pair of geta Haruya was working on (the one of which his father wouldn't even look at). She likes the pair, but Haruya said it's not for sale, because it's no good. She said it's ok, she likes this one, that it feels like the person was trying soooo hard and put efforts into it. So he didn't sell the pair, but instead give them to Micchan freely as present.

The scene back to the present with the hospital bed. There were some conversation I couldn't remember, but by this point I think I knew that Daisuke were always in love with Hana. Before this scene ended, the doctor said to the unconscious Haruya, telling him to wake up and get well soon, "What will happen with your father."

Then the scene changed to the past again with the setting of clog shop. Haruya's father was looking on the photo of Haruya's mother. Then he drank some sake. Haruya, Daisuke, Ryuutaro and Hana came to the scene and played around. They were planning something for summer, they brought these big cardboxes and used it as drums (owwww Aiba drumming on cardboxes <333). His father was working on the geta as usual. Then Micchan suddenly came, bringing the pair of geta she received from Haruya. It seems that the strings of the geta was broken. The father looked at it, and went frustrating on Haruya "What is this??? Did you sell such a crap?". Haruya is not good yet in making geta. Micchan tried to defend him, but it's no good. Then he told Haruya to fix it. Meanwhile, Hana-chan and the two others were gossiping at the back about this new girl and Haruya, that the two seemed to be perfect for each other. Then Daisuke and Ryuutaro also talked to her, trying to blabber about some stories regarding Haruya (which Haruya always tried to stop by diverting the topic to something else, or kicking them).

It seemed that after this Haruya and Micchan started dating. Haruya is very realistic and diligent, but there's something negative in his character. Probably that's why he's pulled by Micchan's world, which is full of cheerfulness and wild dreams. She wants to be politician, wants to go abroad, wants to eat this, eat that. Always positive.

It seemed that while his friends stayed in this town, Haruya went to Tokyo for something, but he came back last year. Micchan asked him what did he do in Tokyo. He made up some stories, which always ended with "no, it was a lie". From working on toys, even to make perverted comics ("but it's pure!" xD). But then, Micchan doesn't care whatever past Haruya has. This is one thing that Haruya never forgets, that Micchan is fine with him being the way he is, without even knowing whatever past he has.

One day when Micchan went to Haruya's house and helped Hana making meals, Hana-chan told her, that Haruya was a pianist. He was pretty much famous. Hana showed her a magazine / article, saying him was a champion is some competitions. He even went into some music school in Europe. However, one day their mother passed away, and he came back to the hometown. It was his mother who discovered Haruya's talent in piano, and she supported him.

One day Haruya helped Micchan distributing goods for the homeless (tea, food, CV form, job hunting magazine). Then Micchan asked him about the piano thing. It seemed that he met a rival who might have better skill than he was, and lost. To win in the competitions, he had to master certain standard techniques, which made him lost the fun in playing music. Basically, musician doesn't really get money, etc etc. A lot of reasons made him dislike piano. Moreover, his mother who supported him and his music ability, was having some heart disease due to overwork, trying to support him financially. So in the middle of a competition, which was said to be his biggest chance, he left it halfway and came back to his hometown.

Eventhough Haruya said to Micchan that he has had enough with piano, Micchan seemed to see through him that actually he still cannot forget about his love on piano.

And in the same conversation, Haruya asked Micchan about her mother. It seems that eventhough Micchan always looked cheerful, she also had some problems regarding the past. Her father was a politician, but he failed in an election. Her mother left such a husband and disappeared with another man with children. Micchan had always lived with her father since then, but her father passed away because of cancer some time ago. Maybe because of such past, she always tried to look cheerful and positive, having countless dreams. When Haruya asked her about her mother, she also acted as if she is alright living alone, as if she is alright having not met her mother ever since then.

Such Micchan was worried about Haruya, who abandoned piano and carelessly decided to just continuing his father's clog shop. She has lots of dreams, like eating certain food, going to certain places. She asked Haruya, what is his dream. It seemed difficult to be answered at first, but Micchan cheerfulness when she talked about going for a drive to eat delicious food, to visit beautiful places, etc, made Haruya being pulled to her dreamy conversations. He told her there's manga cafe in Tokyo (of course, Micchan took note of it in her memo). They also wanted to go to hot spring... And for delicious food, it's Hokkaido. Then Haruya started talking about Chicago. There is this orchestra with a great conductor and a great pianist. He had always wanted to watch it...... But then he realized what he was talking about, and stopped talking. He said, "cancel the last one". No matter how Micchan tried to pull it off him, he really doesn't want to be related to the music world anymore.

Between these serious scenes, sometime Daisuke and Ryuutaro have their own little scenes, like amusing commercials xD Some of them were even ad lib, I think. Ryuutaro is always amusing, like the captain of the group. Daisuke is more introvert, but he's earnest, and he's absolutely in love with Hana. Planning Daisuke to confess to Hana sometimes became a funny skit.

Back to the present time, it seems that Haruya's condition was worsened. I'm sorry I don't understand so much about medical stuff, but it was something like the blood clot disturbing the function of his brain. Also something like the bleeding cannot be stopped. The doctor said, if this continues, he cannot be saved. So he suggested surgery. The doctor asked Hana about their father. Hana said that their father is on his way to this hospital. The doctor said that it's better to do the surgery as soon as possible. Hana ran out to phone her father and inform him.

In the past, Haruya was making geta. Hana-chan and Micchan were also there making dinner. Then Haruya's father came back bringing a bottle of sake (I think he always drinks). He saw Haruya making geta, and he asked, where did he get the woods from. Then he sternly criticized Haruya that these woods are not yet ready to be made as geta. It needs several years for the materials to harden (or something like that). Then Haruya answered back to him, that he should have taught things like these earlier. Haruya complained that he had never taught him anything. Then Haruya said, that he's going to inherit and continue this geta crafts business. However, the father asked him sternly, what about piano. Is it really ok to abandon piano. Their tone of voice became higher and higher, and now it sounded like a debate or a fight already. I think the father accused him of running away or something. But then haruya accused him back, for also running away ever since Mom died, as he always drink a lot of sake and kept drinking and drinking. Then his father snapped on Haruya,
about how his mother worked her butt to support his piano education financially, thus becoming sick. However, such Haruya gave up piano and ran away, after all his mother had done to support him. The cause of her mother dying was Haruya, yet he ran away and gave up piano. Both of Haruya and his father were already at the peak of their emotion. Haruya ended the conversation by snapping that he's going to leave the house. Then he left, Micchan chasing after him, Hana-chan crying and begging her father to stop him, her father doing nothing in despair and fury.

Somewhere else, Micchan tried to persuade Haruya to go home. However Haruya insisted in not going home. He even said to her, "let's live together". He said he had already thought about it lately. Of course Micchan was happy hearing it, but there's just something not right about the current situation that shouldn't be left just like that. Micchan just wanted Haruya to not regretting anything, especially about leaving piano, which was suppose to be his dream. Then the suggestion of having a trip arised. So they decided to go driving somewhere together. They love each other, and they were embracing each other in the middle of the stage. Haruya was about to kiss her..... but he stopped halfway, as if he couldn't do it.

In the present, Haruya's father arrived at the hospital, and the doctor told him about the surgery. The thing is, even with surgery, it's not 100% guaranteed that he will live, and moreover, since it's a brain problem, he would probably lose some ability and need rehabilitation. I must say I love the acting of Haruya's father the most. His breakdown, his complicated feeling to Haruya, they felt so real! So of course, as a father he feared all of those aftereffects of surgery, so he refused to sign the agreement of surgery. The doctor told him a story about his previous patient, a 20-year-old boy who had an accident. His family agreed on surgery, but after that the kid lost the ability to move. He couldn't even speak. He started by speaking sylables, a i u e o. The first word he said was "please kill me". There was no point in living, so please kill me. However, the family kept persevering and supported him in doing rehabilitation. After some long hardwork, they were able to take him to a meal. They asked him whether it's delicious, and the boy was able to say "it's delicious". The family asked him again, whether he is happy. He said he is. "Because everyone is here with me". Therefore, Haruya should also be alright, because he had his family and his friends with him.

In the past, Haruya and Micchan prepared their luggage and put them in the car. Micchan was driving. When Haruya noticed the direction they were heading to, he realized that they are going to Tokyo. They happily conversed about how they will be able to realize some of their dreams, such as going to manga cafe, going to hot spring, eating delicious stuff... and so on. Then after that? Micchan said, then in the end they are going to Chicago. To watch the orchestra concert of which Haruya was always wanted to see. Micchan said, by watching it Haruya would be able to know whether he's really sure that he already hated piano, or not. He should faced his feelings directly. Then Haruya got furious and it became a fight. Haruya mocked Micchan, that all the many dreams Micchan had were just dreams no more than illusions. Just fantasies.

After the fight, Micchan gave up the idea about going to the orchestra, and they decided to turn back. Just when she turned the handle around and started moving. It was like she saw something on the side of the car, and her eyes following it so she wasn't looking forward. Then probably there was another car up front, and they were shocked, and the theatre turned completely dark. There were loud sounds of accident, sudden brakes, glass breaking, etc.

Back to monologue Haruya spirit in the present, with the background of hospital. Currently, they let the audience know that Micchan had a sudden death at the crash. Haruya's family were talking about it, how Micchan was already so close to him that probably they would continue getting married someday. She was always cheerful, and the family were welcoming her. However!! She passed away. Hereupon, Haruya's condition got worse. The doctor said that he had to have a surgery NOW or he's not going to live on. The father was extremely panicked and confused. The female nurse tried to persuade him to get a grip of himself, telling him that he's a father. Then he quickly signed the agreement of surgery.

While everyone were busy at the hospital room, Haruya's spirit was climbing the stairs on the right side. Micchan's spirit was already on the left side. It's kinda difficult to illustrate this stage, but probably you can get the idea by looking at the photo at the beginning of this post. It's like... on the top of the main stage there are stairs. The stairs leading from left and from right formed a peak at the center. Probably, it's like the stairs to heaven or something. While Haruya was climbing it slowly from the left, Micchan also walked slowly to the center at the same time. Then both met at the peak, but not standing on it. They were lying on either side of the peak, while their hands holding each other. Haruya said that he's not going to let Micchan go alone. He cannot live by himself and let her be alone.

In the hospital room, Haruya's father held unconscious Haruya's hands and said "Please come back!! I was really happy when you said you would continue the geta business. However, I could see in your eyes that you still cannot forget about piano."

Some scenes before, when there were only Daisuke and Hana-chan in the hospital, Daisuke was about to confess to Hana by reading a love letter. However, when he was just starting, the female nurse bursted in so he had to stop. Afterwards, Ryuutaro found out about the love letter and stole it from Daisuke xD So, around the current scene, Hana-chan and Ryuutaro were waiting for Haruya's surgery. Then Ryuutaro informed Hana-chan about Daisuke's letter. The content was something similar as what Ryuutaro and Daisuke planned for at the skit-like scenes before. Started with "what I love about this town". Continuing with "The water is delicious". But the important part is that "There's Ryuutaro, there's Haruya. And there's Hana-chan as well". It was a love letter to Hana but it also had his feelings of friendship for Haruya, so it was touching.

Meanwhile, at the stairs to heaven, Haruya was deciding that he's not going back. However, Micchan said that she wanted him to live. Currently, Micchan was not able to realize any of dreams anymore. She cannot go on a trip, she cannot become a politician, so she wanted him to realize it. Also, it was her fault that they had accident. Actually, just before the crash, she saw a car going to the opposite side. In the car, there was her mother and her new families; husband and the children. So that's why her eyes were following the car and not looking to the front. The truth is, Micchan was always lonely, she always wanted to meet her mother, but she lied and buried that feeling.

Then at that time, a lot of small stuff were raining upon them. It's like the papers from confetti. Turns out that those papers are Micchan's small memos!! The memos where she wrote her dreams. Both she and Haruya tried to catch some of the falling papers and read them one after another. Eating food. Going to Hokkaido. Going to hot spring. etc etc. And, going to Chicago. She wanted him to continue living and realize these dreams for her. So that these dreams were just not fantasies.

Haruya finally decided to go back. He said he'll do his best going to the places Micchan wanted to visit. Probably he needs to persevere, probably he can't move when he woke up, but he will do his best in rehabilitation. Probably things will be tough and difficult, but he believed that he would be fine, because he had piano.

Micchan said "this is our goodbye".

While they were still looking at each other, the stairs at the staged was moved, so that the stairs leading down to the head of the bed. Then Haruya walked down slowly, while Micchan kept watching over him. Haruya arrived at the bed, and lying down (it's like an illustration of spirit going back to his body). The stage went dark.

Bandaged unconscious Haruya was lying down on the bed. Around it, there were everyone (doctor, nurse, friends, families). Then Daisuke realized that Haruya was gaining consciousness. Everyone were really happy, calling out Haruya! Haruya! His father were holding Haruya's hands, and Hana-chan realized that it was like Haruya wanted to write something with his hands. Haruya's father opened up his palm so it became Haruya's pad, and Haruya's index finger wrote 4 japanese characters on it subsequently, saying "Ta-da-i-ma" ("I'm back"). His father immediately shouted "Okaeri!!!!" ("Welcome back!!!"). And everyone were excited.

It was the last scene.

As usual, the casts came out to the stage to greet the audience. Aiba appeared 3 times and waved to everyone ^^

This stageplay was a tearjerker xD *pulls out some kleenex*
Thanks to everyone who managed to read through the thesis *hands out cookies tissues* =D

My previous reports on stageplay:
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pair - ohmiya park
12th-May-2010 06:54 am (UTC)
CK, it's a serious tearjerker T___T *takes out tissues*

Thanks for the report :D I wish I could go and see it too..
18th-May-2010 02:48 pm (UTC)
Yeah I heard the sound of people blowing their nose a lot especially at the last part T____T

get to the fanclub and we can apply for something next ;) I just extended my membership as well.
12th-May-2010 07:17 am (UTC)
I am tearing just reading your report... It is such a pretty little story!!

Thank you for posting this!

18th-May-2010 02:49 pm (UTC)
I hope you enjoy it. It's a bit sad-ending, but it's good.
12th-May-2010 07:36 am (UTC)
This would make me cry if i watched it!
Thanks for the summary :D
18th-May-2010 02:49 pm (UTC)
I bet so. Lots of fangirls were crying!
12th-May-2010 07:36 am (UTC)
oh wow... while reading your report i was imagining the scenes in my head & how aiba would have acted them out. i got all sad myself towards the end of the report. hehehehehehe... it's nice how the play ended at an optimistic note.

i'm so proud of aiba & how he is trying his best to hone his craft. :) thanks for sharing this w/ us. i enjoyed reading it. :)

Edited at 2010-05-12 07:37 am (UTC)
18th-May-2010 02:50 pm (UTC)
Well, the scene that I often replayed in my head was the one when he almost kissed Micchan XDDDD He was a very very adorable boyfriend <3333
(Deleted comment)
18th-May-2010 02:51 pm (UTC)
LOL I hope you could coherent it xD
12th-May-2010 09:27 am (UTC)
this is a sad story and at the same time, portrays positive messages in it...life must go on no matter what happens and don't ever give up on your dreams...
thanks a lot for your summary!!!
18th-May-2010 02:51 pm (UTC)
I agree with you. I thought it was just a sad story, but it really conveys positive message. It must be hard for someone to keep living after losing someone like that.
12th-May-2010 09:37 am (UTC)
Thanks soo much for the report (^_^)..
It's really a beautiful production (^_^)...
18th-May-2010 02:52 pm (UTC)
you're welcome ^^
it's a beautiful tearjerker ^^;;
12th-May-2010 10:33 am (UTC)
thank you very much for your report!
i wish i could go there and see it too. ;__;
and i am sure i would have cried at the end.

thanks again for this. ^^
18th-May-2010 02:52 pm (UTC)
I think you would cry not only at the end, but also along the story xD
12th-May-2010 10:41 am (UTC)
*gets the handed tissues*
Honestly, I have seen (and heard) a lot of stories that have the same plot as this one but really, even though I only read this report, I kinda felt the emotions. I really wish they will release a DVD copy. T^T

And thank you for this very detailed report. :)
18th-May-2010 02:53 pm (UTC)
I think so too. A lot of stories have the same plot, but this one sort of having a positive message to it, because he didn't give up in the end and decided to walk the tough life.
12th-May-2010 11:16 am (UTC)
Thanks for this report!
18th-May-2010 02:54 pm (UTC)
You're welcome :)
12th-May-2010 11:48 am (UTC)
sounds like a good play!
wish i could go :(
thanks for sharing
18th-May-2010 02:54 pm (UTC)
You're welcome :)
12th-May-2010 11:50 am (UTC)
This is such a sad story but it's also beautiful ^.^

To someone who can't have a chance to watch it like me, your report is really great. Thank you so much, Yuckie-chan <33
18th-May-2010 02:55 pm (UTC)
Yeah that's why I keep writing this kind of report whenever I have the chance to go to something. And I'm so happy that they are useful to some people <333
12th-May-2010 12:00 pm (UTC)
How depressing. ;.; Would it kill folks to have a happy ending for once? :D

Thank you for the report, CK! :) It was still enjoyable to read, even though I had an idea of what was going to happen. ^.^;;
18th-May-2010 02:56 pm (UTC)
I think the story is indeed predictable, but I guess the positive message behind it (about being brave to choose the tough life, even after losing someone very valuable) is very good, I think.
12th-May-2010 12:12 pm (UTC)
Thank you so much for the report :D
Such a sad story >.
18th-May-2010 02:56 pm (UTC)
You're welcome :)
12th-May-2010 12:30 pm (UTC)
uwaa~ TTATT thank you for sharing~
i love butai and hope sometime i can watch one too...
18th-May-2010 02:57 pm (UTC)
Maybe someday you would be able to ;) I was only dreaming several years ago ^^
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