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Dream"A"Live concert report

Finally I'm back from my third and my last Dream-A-Live concert. I've been postponing to write a concert report, because I want to watch all three before writing anything. And it's really nice, because the three concerts I attended have nice differences.

The three concert I attended is:
- Nagoya Dome day 1 (May 31 / Sat)
- Nagoya Dome day 2 (June 1 / Sun)
- Tokyo Dome day 2 (June 15 / Sun)

Well, of course because I'm a Sho fan, I'm really thankful that I can watch those three concerts. The main difference is that Nagoya day 1 is before he broke his thumb, Nagoya day 2 is the concert after he broke his thumb in the rehearsal that morning, and the Tokyo Dome is after 2 weeks speedy recovery xDDDD Yes, all I think about is Sho xDDD

Warning: lots of grammar mistakes, please do not complaint xD

Warning#2: uber long post xD

The main setlist for the three concerts are the same. But the encore is different. Encore for both nagoya days are the same, but in the Tokyo Dome the performances order are different, and they add one more song "Hero".

Main setlist
Move your body
Life goes on
Step and Go
*opening greetings*
Love Parade
Love so sweet
Everybody前進 (Everybody Zenshin)
Carnival Night part2
Take me faraway
Hip Pop Boogie
シリウス (Sirius)
Hello Goodbye
We can make it!
きっと大丈夫 (Kitto Daijoubu)
*大宮SK (Ohmiya SK)*
サクラ咲ケ (Sakura Sake)
ファイトソング (Fight Song)
a Day In Our Life
Gimmick Game
グリーン (Green)
Once Again
*Introduction of dancers, MAD and members*
Lucky Man
ハダシの未来 (Hadashi no Mirai)
言葉より大切なもの (Kotoba Yori Taisetsu na Mono)
*Final greeting*

Encore (for Nagoya day 1 and Nagoya day 2)
First encore:
- Do my best
- 五里霧中 (Gori Muchuu)
- 感謝カンゲキ雨嵐 (Kansha Kangeki Ame Arashi)
Double encore:
- One Love
Triple encore:

Encore (for Tokyo day 2)
First encore:
- Do my best
- One Love
- 感謝カンゲキ雨嵐 (Kansha Kangeki Ame Arashi)
Double encore:
- 五里霧中 (Gori Muchuu)
Triple encore:

*some notes:
- The dancers are female dancers and MAD.
- "left" and "right" are from the audience' point of view
- Main stage is the main big stage, of course xD At the center, there is stairs to the upper part. The background of upper center stage is the main screen. This main screen is sometimes divided into 5 parts horizontally, to show each member on each part. At the right and left, there are kind of castle-like set as the background.
- As usual, there is a kind-of passageway stage that leads from the main stage to the audience part. This passageway stage is quite wide that they can dance freely on it.
- One more stage, which is the stage at the back of arena audience. I will refer to this as the 'central stage'. Its size is around 1/4 or 1/3 of the main stage.
- As usual, there is the moving stage as well , the same as the moving stage in the previous tours.
- Sometimes they ride solo trucks. It's a kind of small moving stage (only for one person) that is pushed by the staff, and moving through the passage between the audience.
- I will add some screencaps from the news report to help explaining xD

1. *Opening*
Each member of Arashi appeared one by one. Each of them does a solo dance (very kakkoi ♥, and the lighting is awesome). 
First: Aiba at right stage
Second: Nino at upper left stage
Third: Ohno at upper right stage
Fourth: MatsuJun at lower left stage
Fifth: Sho-kun. In Nagoya he appeared in upper right stage. In Tokyo day 2, he appeared at the center stage.
Then, after that all members gather at the upper center stage and dance together.
In my opinion, their costume is pretty cool. It's kind of black-dominant color, dark colors (look at pic below). (Sho wear long grey scarf ♥)

2. Move Your Body
This is the first song, and they sing it at the center stage. I really love this performance, with the choreography as well, and there's Sakurap too of course xD
Originally, like on Nagoya day 1, all the members holding microphone. But since on Nagoya day 2's rehearsal Sho broke his thumb, he used the headset (and people already feel like there's something wrong with him as he's not energetic and his face shows pain). The other members still use microphone. On Tokyo day 2, he also still use the headset, but he already dance awesomely and energetically ♥ Even the Japanese people around me kind of whispering that Sho's already "revived" xD

At the main stage, female dancers and MAD are dancing, they wear colorful T-shirt. The other members are moving around the main stage while singing.
I think this is a nice song to raise up the tension :D

4. Life Goes On
Oh-chan and Sho-kun are at the left stage. Aiba, MatsuJun and Nino are at the right stage. There are some dancers (MAD) around them. They divide Arashi that way because in this song, there are verses that sung by Ohno+Sho together, and there are verses that sung by the other three together. So at the Ohno and Sho's verses, they will dance and the lighting also focuses on them, while the other three stood still, and the right stage also dark. The same goes for when Aiba-Nino-MatsuJun are singing and dancing, the left stage will be dark and everybody there stood still. So there's that kind of switching, of course except at the chorus where everyone sings. Then at the "Owaranai ai no hadou Boku mo kitto kimi ni tsutaete miseru yo" part, they ride the small truck in front of the main stage (Ohno and Sho together on the left side, and Nino-Matsujun-Aiba on the right side). The truck move to the corner stage. They do this cute arm movement at this part (sorry it's hard to explain in words), and of course the audience imitated it too xD Then from the corner, the truck moved fast to the center stage, so Ohno-Sho and Aiba-Matsujun-Nino met at the the passageway. There they sang the last chorus, and moved forward more to the audience side of the passageway. At the end of the song, all of them gathered around and put their hands like the ready-position for Step and Go.

5. Step and Go
The song immediately started after Life Goes On, and they danced immediately (of course I screamed xDDD). The performance is similar to the one you can see at the TV performances. Except at the part where Oh-chan sings solo "Itoshisa afurete hikari kirari negai". At the TV performances the members stood diagonally right? At this con, it's not diagonally but in one single line. Oh-chan is the most front, followed by Matsujun, then Sho, then Nino, and Aiba.

6. Opening greetings
After step and go, there's a bit of opening greetings. It's where each of the members say greeting to the audience (You know, the type where they scream "haiiii" or "yeaaaaaa" or "welcomeeee" etc). The order is always Matsujun - Nino - Aiba - Ohno - Sho. Sho is the last, and he always ended it with the Call&Response "say Arashi!" "ARASHI!!!" over and over again.
Btw one remark, at the Tokyo Dome, Sho screamed "I'm in super good condition" in regards to his recovered injury, and he looked so happy!!!! <3333333 *and of course, no need to explain, I screamed xDDDD*

7. Love Parade
First there was some acrobatic / scene by the dancers at the castle on the right stage. Then, the song starts and from behind the castle, 5 decorated carousel came out.
Each member is on top of each carousel that has different shape, while the carousels are moving around the passage between arena audience and stand audience. On Nagoya day 1, the order is: Matsujun on a white horse carousel (because he sings the first verse), then Aiba on a present box with monitor on it, then Oh-chan on cream-soda thing, then Sho on a transparent heart-shaped one with many flying balls inside the hearts, then the last is Nino on a flower-shaped one. On Nagoya day 2 and Tokyo day 2, the order changed, it became Matsujun - Nino - Aiba - Ohno - Sho.

The costume of the members is.... erm... uhh... you know, the type which is colorful, and has many decoration xDDDD If I'm not mistakenly remember:
Aiba: light blue, with big orange ribbon on it
Jun: silver with pink mantle thingie
Nino: lots of flowers attached xD
Ohno: generally purple with dots pattern
Sho: pink? yellow? xD

8. Love So Sweet
Still on top of the carousels, Love Parade ended and Love so sweet starts. There was a moment where the carousels stop for some verse, then Jun's and Nino's carousel stage kind of lifted upwards.

9. Everybody Zenshin
The carousels moved again to the main stage.

10. Carnival Night part 2
They went down from their carousels and board the main stage. Oh-chan gone backstage in the middle of the song, btw.

11. Take me Faraway
Oh-chan appeared on the upper main stage, with dark-colored clothes. It was beautiful even when he first came out, because the lyric is "Ao no hikari ni yurenagara--- / while trembling in the pale light", there was this bright blue spotlight behind him ♥ Then on the first chorus, the main screen played dancing-Ohno on white set. Then starting the second verse, 2 MAD dancers appeared at the lower centre stage. After second chorus, Ohno came down and did amazing dance with them, and there was a bit choreography involving chairs too.

12. Hip Hop Boogie
There was 2 MAD dancers on the upper left stage. Then Sho came down the stairs on top of it and joined the 2 dancers, and they danced AMAZINGLY at the intro (of course my ichiban's dance is very very kakkoi!!!! xDDDD No I'm not biased! You can read other reports and they must've said that Hip Hop Boogie's choreography is realllly good). Then the first verse started, and he started rapping, while walking to the center main stage. Then at the lyric "Kono MENSHI de (yeah) todokeruze (yeah)", the main screen suddenly divided into 5, the leftmost is showing the current Sho on the stage, while the 4 others SHOWING THE OTHER 4 ARASHI MEMBERS!!! The screen showed each of them on a white background set, singing that single sentence, then in the end making dorky faces xDDDDDD The reaction from the audience in this part is amazing, because it's kinda shocking that suddenly 4 dorky faces appeared on the screen unexpectedly xDDDDD
Then Sho board the moving stage while still rapping. The moving stage moves very slowly on top of the passageway stage. At the same time, a lot of dancers are dancing on the passageway. Then at some point, Sho jumped down from the moving stage to the passageway stage, and moved through the dancers and going to the front. In the end of the song, there was a kind of outro and he danced amazingly again with the dancers ♥ His costume was sleeveless and colorful, and hip-hop feeling of course. If I'm not mistakenly remember, he wore cap at Nagoya, but yesterday at Tokyo he didn't wear anything on his hair.

And as you've already know, on Nagoya day 2 Sho broke his thumb so he didn't do any dance. The performance were quite the same until the point he board the moving stage, he kept rapping on top of the moving stage until the end. And instead of the outro with amazing choreography, he did Call&Response at the last part of the song. Thankfully, he already recovered at Tokyo day 2 so I could see the amazing dance 2 times ♥

13. Flashback
At first, there was a scene with Nino sitting and Aiba coming then both of them going together. And then there was a woman sitting on the early chair, then a man coming to her, and Nino looking at them both. Honestly, I don't quite get the story, so please don't smack me xD
The clothes were deep blue (and normal, unlike the previous one, don't worry xD).
It's kinda hard to explain, but on Nagoya day 2, there's a change on the right sleeve of Sho's costume, maybe because of the bandage.
They sang this on the main stage, on the centre, but at first they were a bit to the right side.
xD Uhm... sorry for the random fangirling xD

14. Sirius
They all moved to the left side of the stage. And in front of the castle-like decoration thingie, 5 of them stood next to each other, and each of them has their own stage-area that can be lifted upwards. For example, when it's time for Ohno to sing solo, his stage will moved upwards, and the lighting also focused on him, and his stage-area's light also turned on.
Aiba was at the right-most, so in the middle of the song he ran to the backstage.

15. Hello Goodbye
He appeared on the centre of the passageway stage. His costume is pink-black pattern, parka and half-pants. Then the dancers started appearing and they danced the cute energetic choreography. HE WAS SO CUTE. And the choreography for the chorus is easy to be imitated by the audience, and it was so cute at the "Subete ga hajimaru Hello Goodbye" part, kind of waving hands beside the head (I'm sorry it's very hard to be described xD)
The best part is, on the "Haru mo Natsu mo aki mo Fuyu mo" he rode the solo truck, which then moved fast and brought him to the central stage. AND!!! There he played the harmonica!!!! TRULY AMAZING! He really played it, amazingly. *hearts melts*

16. We Can Make It!
Each member appeared on different parts of the main stage. Aiba-kun appeared just before his verse on the central stage. Then the four others rode the solo truck, which moved from the corner main stage to the center of the arena. Aiba moved to the passageway-stage. So in the end of the song, they kind of lined-up in the centre. I forgot the order, but the leftmost is Sho, I think (I can't take my eyes of Sho, yes xD). Aiba is obviously the centre because he's on the passageway-stage. Costume was the sparkly silvery-black thingie. Don't worry, I think it's nice ^^

17. Kitto Daijoubu
Still on their solo truck (and Aiba at the passageway-stage), the song started while the lighting turned to yellow-gold color, which made their costume become sparkly gold looking. Then everyone moved to join Aiba at the centre stage. They do the choreography at the Aiba-Nino-Matsujun solo part. Nino rarely properly sings the "Sonna koto de nayande nai nai!" btw xDDDD I think, if I'm not mistakenly remember, he only sang that properly at Tokyo day 2 ;P

18. MC
Urm... it's kinda hard to report about this, because it's long and CRACKS! xD And each concert has different MCs too. I guess there are already many fan reports about MC in each concerts, so maybe I'll skip the content?

Anyway, at the end of the MC, Nino and Ohno always went backstage first. Then Sho-Aiba-Matsujun will talk for some minutes, usually talking about their current projects (movies, sportcaster, and Aiba's "animal" show which is the most not-so-big compared to Matsujun's and Sho's current projects xDDDD). They always ended the talk with the topic of Ohno's personal exhibition, Freestyle. Then they will ask whether the audience come to the exhibition or not. Then they will tell us to see the VTR on the main screen.

19. Ohmiya SK
The VTR will firstly show some of Oh-chan's work in the exhibition. THEN! The scene moves to the set in front of the picture of Ohmiya SK figurines, with the real Ohmiya SK on the side of it xDDDDD Then on the VTR, Yuuji (Nino) complained to Taka (Ohno) that the figurine doesn't look like him at all (it has no body, its skin is black, etc etc xDDDD). Then they did some nipple-twisting on each other, and then the music started, and Ohmiya SK appeared rolling on the main stage.
Then they sang this funny song while doing hilarious choreography on the stage. I must say it's difficult to describe because every part was funny! xD My favorite part of the choreography is when Yuuji held both of Taka's feet, and he did giant swing round and round O_O (sometimes Yuuji would dropped Taka carelessly after the swing that I think it must've been hurt for Ohno xDDDD).
The lyrics were really funny, but of course I don't remember them xD There is my favorite part though, I think it kinda goes like "Nande mikoshi ga nai..." and then there's a lot of lines with the word "mikoshi" on it, and then there was a line with "Tegoshi Ja nai yo" (It's not Tegoshi) and the main screen showed Tegoshi's picture with his eyes censored by that black rectangular thingie that people used to censored random people's eyes on paparazzi photos xDDDDD And in the end they declared that they're not Ohmiya SK but Ohmiya SKOSHI xDDDDDDDDD
Yes yes I know it's hard to understand. We need to pray for DVDs xD
Then there was a funny scene with long bazooka. Yuuji gave intructions to fire while Taka suppose to light it, but in the end it fired the opposite way xDDDD
Then after that, there's the skit. Mainly it's Yuuji who does the long talking. Taka only have to say 'hai', and other short sentences xDDDD (just like Ohno in real life ne xDDD). Btw, every concert has different skit, so... hmm... I think it's just like the MC, it needs more energy and memory to write about this xDDDD So I'll just skip it xDDD *hides*
At the end of the skit, Ohmiya will go backstage, then Sho-Matsujun-Aiba will appear and comment something about the skit xDDDD "It was long ne" was the first sentence that came out from Sho's mouth yesterday at Tokyo day 2 xDDDD Those three already wore the costume for next song, but they also wear long coats so we can't see the costume.
On Tokyo day 2, at this part they pointed out Hey Say Jump and Kazama Shunsuke. One personal comment about this. Well you see, HSJ and Kazama-kun kind of sat in front of the rows where I seated, so I cannot see them directly, because they are far below me. Then, the second worse thing is, when Arashi members passed by on their carousels or on their solo trucks, sometimes they would make a joke with them instead of waving to the fans more T.T WHYYY THEY HAVE TO SIT THEREEEE T.T [/end of complaint] xD

After those three went backstage, the main screen will show a kind of animation with the caterpillar mascot. I think it's very cute.

20. Sakura Sake
After the end of the anime, suddenly the music starts and there's a big white balloon on top of the main stage and the 5 of Arashi are hung by a string there! There's green writings "Arashi" made by green lighting on the balloon. The balloon moved slowly forward to the audience side.
Btw, just a remark, but Sho was very very stiff xDDDDD (see picture below. He's fourth from the left. His legs's position mainly stays that way, the form of inverted V, from the start until the end xDDDDD) In the news report, he indeed said that he's afraid, but even without watching it, you already understand that he only want to get down as soon as possible xDDDD
Costumes were orange-colored.

21. Fight Song
The balloon already moved to on top of the central stage. Here, the four members sometimes twisting and twisting (see picture below) O_O (of course, the exception is Sho, who was still as stiff as ever xDDDD). On Nagoya day 1, Matsujun and Aiba were twisting and twisting. On Tokyo day 2, the four were twisting countlessly xD Then, the string lengthen and one by one the members landed on the central stage. On Nagoya day 1, Nino and Ohno, when the string lengthen downwards, they made a swimming-like movements with their heads below xDDD On Tokyo day 2, I remember it was Aiba, and one other that I forgot, who moved downwards with their heads below xD
On the "Hito wa hito, jibun wa jibun", Sho sang it with a talking-tone (and I don't know if it's just me, I suspect his voice were trembling xDDDD)

If I'm not mistakenly remember, on Tokyo day 2, at the end of the concert, Matsujun asked Sho "How was it today?", then Sho answered "I'm doing it properly in Yatterman!!" xDDDD

22. WISH
They sang this song on the central stage. They dance the choreography as well, the same as the one they danced on the TV show. On Nagoya day 1, when Aiba-MatsuJun-Ohno sang the first verse, Nino and Sho did various hilarious pairing movements xDDDD
On Nagoya day 2, since Sho injured himself, all of them didn't do the choreography. Instead, on the central stage, there's a circle area that can lifted upwards, and also rotating around. They stand in a circle facing the audience and singing the song, while the stage keeps rotating.
On Tokyo day 2, they already dance like originally :)

23. A Day in Our Life
From the central stage, one by one the members rode the solo trucks and the solo trucks slowly moved on the passage between arena-audience and stand-audience to the corner of main stage. Only Nino, who rode the solo truck on the center and gone backstage in the middle of the song.

24. Gimmick Game
Sorry but, this performance is just soooooooooo.... undescribable xDDD And I LOVE NINO xD
The choreography of Gimmick Game is very nice, I think. He performed this on the main stage, and later move forward to the passageway stage. His costume was black-colored btw. Very fitting! <3 And the sexiest, but it's hard for me to admit that Nino's sexy xD best part is at the "kubisuji" lyrics, he always touched his neck with his index finger, a movement like slashing his neck. And at the end of the song, after the "Kimi no kubisuji", he didn't sing the "hora, tsuba wo tsuketa" part. Instead, the music stops, and HE LICKED HIS INDEX FINGER ANB SLASHED HIS NECK BSJVASJVASHVAHSVVASJAVSYASA *sounds of thousands of fangirls dying here*. Then he turned back and walked to the main stage, and he took off his outer jacket/vest (whatever it is, I didn't have any brainpower left to notice xDDDD) and throw it to the middle of the passageway, and the spotlight focused on it while Nino kept walking backstage. And it goes dark... and everyone already lifeless.... xDDDDD

25. Naked
MatsuJun and some dancers appeared on the rotating circle area of central stage. The stage were decorated by white fabric. MatsuJun also wore all-white suit. The dancers were wearing white clothes and soft-colored mantle thingie (looks like Greek costume to me). The choreography were kind of soft and slow, and there was a part where five or four male dancers lifted MatsuJun and he laid just like that on their hands O_O Then they moved to the moving stage. The moving stage moved from the central stage to the top of the passageway. Then the dancers brought white fabric and surrounded MatsuJun and covered him with the white fabric, and THEN! when the dancers broke away, MATSUJUN ALREADY SHIRTLESS JABSJKBASJKBJSKBAKS Well, he still wore his pants, but the problem is that the lighting on shine the upper part of his body (I guess, purposely xD), and the main screen also only showed the upper part of his body, so he looks NAKED!!! And he danced that way until the end jkndsakjsndjkndajksd

26. Green
This is the tour's original song. Before the song, Ohno appeared on the right main stage bringing the official eco bag, and he explained about ecology problem. Then the song starts (it's a ballad), and the member appeared one by one, based on the order of solo parts(Aiba-Sho-Matsujun-Nino). The main screen showed many scenes of ecological problems.
There's a kind of inside intro in the middle of the song, then Arashi stood horizontally on the main stage, and one by one they said one single word, from the one who stood at the most left to the most right.
Aiba: Kibou (hope)
Ohno:Yuuki (courage)
Sho:Ketsui (determination)
Nino:Mirai (future)
I love this song soooo much ♥

27. Once Again
At the end of Green, they gathered at the center of main stage, and the intro for Once Again started. The lighting and the effects on the main screen is AWESOME. The choreography as well. On Sho's rap part, he rapped it in a higher tone than the record version, so for me, it feels like it's filled with more emotion, especially with the four others behind them, and the awesome lighting effect. Personally, 'Once Again' is my favorite performance of this concert.
On Nagoya day 2, Sho didn't dance the choreography here.

28. *Introduction of dancers, MAD and members*
The other members went backstage, while Sho started introducing everyone. First is the female dancers (10 people). Then second is MAD (10 members), and he also mentioned each MAD's members name one by one.
Then Aiba appeared and he started to introduce Arashi's members. First is Matsujun. On Nagoya day 2, he introduced Matsujun as "DoS Matsujun!!!" xDDD Even worse, on Tokyo day 2, he introduced Matsujun as "DoS banchou MatsuJun!!" (banchou = gang leader / leader of delinquents group xDDD). MatsuJun then appeared bringing Kakushi Toride flier and also HYD Finale flier xDDDD
Then next is introduction of Nino. Aiba introduced him as "magic prince". I think he announced in his Game Nikki that he would do trump magic or something? Anyway, Nino appeared bringing trump card on his hand, and then his other hand will kind of covered it, and when he pull off that other hand, the card already changed xD
Next is Ohno. On Tokyo day 2, Aiba introduced him as 'the ultimate weapon' xDD Ohno would appeared and face the camera, then he would move his eyes's pupil so both pupils focused on the center, and then move one of them to the side, etc etc xD Very talented, yes xD
Next, Matsujun will take charge of the introduction, and introduced Aiba-chan. On Nagoya day 2, he introduced Aiba-chan as "Arashi's wild boy Aiba-chan". On Tokyo day 2, he introduced him as "mischievous boy" xDDD Then Aiba-chan will do backflips. Not just one backflip, but maybe 3 or 4 times flip in a row O_O amazing.
Then, MatsuJun will introduced Sho as "our rapper, Sakurai Sho!", but on Tokyo day 2 he introduced him "caster, rapper Sakurai Sho". Then Sho will rap, a kind of mix of Hip Hop Boogie words, it's hard to explain, but it's cool. And the other members also danced (not choreography, just dancing enjoyably) hip-hop-ly around him. Except on Nagoya day 2 where Sho broke his thumb and have bandaged all around his right hand, Sho will waved his hand stiffly right to left following the beat of the rap music xDDDD And the Arashi members and also the MAD were gathering behind him and did the same thing too!!! xDDD It was so funnyyyyy!!! <3333
Then after that, the theme of Dream-a-live music will start and they all danced (nice choreography!). On Nagoya day 2, Sho didn't dance, he just stood cool-ly at the center back of everyone else.

29. Lucky Man
I think largely it's kinda the same as Lucky Man performances in the previous concerts. With the "uh uh uh uh" part by Sho (I'm sorry but I just have to mention it because it's my fave part of Lucky man xDDDDD) and everything.
Matsujun, Nino and Sho-kun will ride the solo truck from the main stage.

30. Hadashi no Mirai
Matsujun's and Nino's solo truck will stop at the left side and the right side of the audience, while Sho will board the central stage (Ohno and Aiba is at the main stage, so it's like everyone standing at different parts of the dome). And then the microphone stand came out and they will start singing.

31. Oh!Yeah!
Ohhhh I love this song. Sho also told us to jump on the intro part. It's very tension-rising <33

32. Kotoba Yori Taisetsu na Mono
Hmm... I think it's just similar to usual performances ^^

33. *Final greeting*
Everyone will gather at the center of main stage. One by one they will say words of gratitudes etc.

They will sing this on the main stage. The "lalalala" part is longer than in the record, but it's nice because the audience sings together, and they told the audience to keep singing louder :) Then the center part of the stage will move downwards and they saying bye-bye and stuffs and they goneeeee

35a. Encore (for Nagoya day 1 and Nagoya day 2)
First encore is 'Do my best', 'Gori Muchuu' and 'Kansha Kangeki Ame Arashi'. Mainly they will just sing while waving to the audience. They're not only on the main stage, but they would board the carousel and also the solo trucks.

Double encore is 'One Love'. They wore pastel-colored suits, each member with their own characteristic color. They will just stand on the main stage while singing the song. From the left, Sho-kun (pink suits), MatsuJun (violet suits), Nino (yellow), Ohno (blue), Aiba (green).

Triple encore is 'PIKA☆☆NCHI DOUBLE'. At the end, Sho will screamed "The five of us, Arashi~!!!!" <333333

35b. Encore (for Tokyo day 2)
First encore is 'Do my best', 'One Love' and 'Kansha Kangeki Ame Arashi'. At the end of Do My Best, they rode the moving stage. The moving stage will stop at the top of the passageway stage, right at the center of the Dome. Then, they sang One Love WITH CHOREOGRAPHYYYYY!!!! I was surprised, because at Nagoya there was no choreography yet. I was so happyyyyy!!!!

Double encore is 'Gori Muchuu' and 'PIKA☆☆NCHI DOUBLE'.

Triple encore... Jun said things like 'it was fun, etc etc etc' and then from the audience at the right-side stand, there was "Happy birthday~" coming. And the whole audience sang the Happy Birthday song. Nino closed his eyes and made swing movement left to right, like the "enjoying deeply" aura kind of thing xDDDDD Then Nino said "Iyaaaa, all of you gathered here only for my sake, thank you!" xDDDDDD

Then at the end of the talk, Jun said "There is a song that we want to sing". Nino then replied, "demo, Naked wa yamete kudasai! Koko de nugaretemo..." (but, please stop doing "Naked". Even you undress here...) xDDDD Then Aiba also butted in "Yabai-Yabai-Yabai mo dame!" (You can't do Yabai-Yabai-Yabai either) xDDDD Jun said "well then, my favorite song..." and they sang Hero as the final encore :D

Btw, there is something I forgot.... I totally forgot on which song was it, but it was on Tokyo day 2. There was a moment when it was Aiba and Nino at the central stage, and suddenly Aiba passed Nino's back and smacked his butt xDDDDD My seat was pretty close to central stage, that's why I managed to capture that precious moment!!! xDDDD


Okay, so tired, and longggg O_O I hope you're not too bored. Thanks for reading *gives cookies to everyone who reads until this point xDDDDD* Now I'm going back to pay attention in my class xDDDD *yes, I typed this between my classes xDDDD*
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